Tuesday, 20 January 2015


Check out some of the best bits from Zara's Spring Summer 2015 Collection.
Those Pencil Skirts and that Jacket OMG in love....

Monday, 19 January 2015


If you have to have your tan at the weekend but hate the look of it fading during the week especially when it fades all blotchy in parts, then this is definitely the product for you.

TheTan Eraser is a double sided exfoliating mitt that is not only great for preparing the skin for the application of false tan but it's an amazing product for the removal of false tan.
It's so easy to use, You use the pink side for light exfoliation and then the black side to remove all those stubborn areas.

I used this tonight and it worked great. I had to use the black side and it didn't leave my skin sore or irritated which is great.
And the best thing was I didn't have to spend ages scrubbing, I found it worked quickest when rubbing in a circular motion. 

Tan Eraser is available to buy from www.taneraser.com
It costs £6.00 and there is a special offer on their website at the minute where you can get 2 mitts for £10.00, which is a bargain.
They even offer a 30 day money back guarantee so if you are not happy with it you get your money back, you won't get better than that.
Shipping to Ireland costs £3.95.
I ordered mine and it was here in 3 days so it's super fast shipping.

I would definitely recommend this product to everyone, it's a must for every girl for the perfect summer skin this summer.


Yesterday i made the most amazing frozen desert.
Since i started my new diet i have been craving something sweet, but i am so determined not to give into temptation.
I got this idea from one of Jamie Oliver's recipies.

You will need the following:

Low fat natural Yogurt.
2 Bananas.
Handfull of Strawberries.
Empty Pot.

This is so simple and tasty to make.
In the Nutribullet add the pot of Yogurt, Banannas and Strawberries.
And simply blend together for a few seconds.
Get an emppty pot and pour it in and freeze.

Tip: Taste the mix before you freeze ad if you would like it a little sweeter add a little honey.

This will definately sort out those sweet cravings.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Lip balm is the one thing i cannot live without, i always have them with me.
Over the last couple of months i have tried loads of different brands and here are some of my favourites,

The Blami and Eos Lip Balms are great, smell amazing and are easy to have with you at all times as they are on a keyring.
The Balmi Lip balm is €5.99 and is available Nationwide.
The Eos Lip balm is available from Boots and is €6.99.

The Essence Lipbalm is great and is perfect if you are on a budget, they are available in a range of colours and flavours from Pharmacies Nationwide for only €2.29.

The Maybelline Baby Lips, These are my Favourite i love the colors they come in.
They are available from Pharmacies Nationwide for  €3.99

When im on Holidays i always use Lipbalm with proper spf protection in them, the Cien Sport and Sun Lipbalm is availble from Lidl for €1.49 for a pack of 2 containing spf20.

I love the Manbi Lip balm as it comes in a range of different colors and is the best lip protector when you are away in the sun or colder climates.  Contains spf30 and is available online from Outdoormegastore.co.uk for around €10.00 expensive i know but so worth it.

The Image Skincare lip enhancement complex is great for conditioning lips its available from 

The I love strwberries and milshake Lipbalm i picked up in Superdrug for €1.99
The Vanilla Lipbalm is from Penneys and it was around €1.99


We were give sample bottles of this tan in Novembers Chic treat box to try.
I had always seen this tan in my Local Chemist in the Tan aisle but never tried it.
So when i got the sample i tried it and could not believe it had taken me so long to discover how great it is.
It goes on as a tan color so you can see how you are applying it so it does not streak.
I leave it on overnight as i prefer the darker tan color.
There is no  nasty smell with this tan and it dries instantly so there is no waiting around to get dressed again.
For best results with any tan it is important to exfoliate extremely well before applying especially around the knees and elbows and heels.
I used a tanning mitt when applying so it goes on easier.

The best ting i found about this tan is that when it starts to fade it doesn't go all dirty and blotchy and dirty looking like most tans it fades evenly.

A must for the Summer.

Acacemie Bronze Express Tan is available in most Pharmacies Nationwide for around €25.00


The one thing every week i cannot live without is my hot bubble bath to soak away all the stresses of the week.
I love my bath bombs and i have and the most amazing bath bombs in Mr Price for €1.99 what a bargain.
They are available in loads of different scents, I picked up Vanilla, Rose and Coconut just to try them.
The Coconut smells amazing.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015


Without a doubt the most amazing hair brush i ever bought and im so glad i did.
Because my hair is gone so long it seems to take ages to brush it out after washing.
These brushes are fab, made with Boar bristles, it just leaves your hair so soft after brusing and i can brush with ease after washing.

Kent Salon brushes are available in Ireland from Beauty Matters Online Store.

Heres the link:

This brush is reduced at the minute from €33.00 to €26.40 so grab a bargain while you can.


The best thing about 2014 for me was discovering this amazing hair treatment.
As I have long hair, with so much styling and washing it gets very dry and goes out of control.
I came across this product on another blog page and decided to give it a try and I'm so glad I did.

Lani hair treatment comes in a cute little bottle and when you open it OMG the smell, it makes you want to go on holidays.
The scent is Coconut my favourite smell.

LANI is a natural hair treatment and is made from a unique blend of tropical oils.
Lani will encourage healthy new hair growth, help hold moisture, helps protect against split ends, helps recover damaged hair, will soothe dry and itchy scalps and adds shine to your hair.
Bottles are 100mls.

It says on the bottle to leave it in For at least half an hour but when I use it I normally leave it in for a coup,e of hours before washing out.
It does say on the bottle that it takes two washes to rinse it out completely but my hair was fine after one wash.
The results are amazing, my hair was so shiny and healthy looking after use and my hair smelled amazing and fresh.
You get around 4 applications per bottle.
I'm definitely bringing this on holidays this year.

To buy Lani tropical hair treatment check out www.lovelani.com
It costs around €18 including postage to Ireland.


Some of the best bits from the Topshop Spring Summer 2015 Collection.
Just love that Dress and that Bathing Suit OMG!!!!