Monday, 24 November 2014


Just  quick post to show you a few bargains i've picked up over the last week.

Asos Heartbreaker Jumper.... I bought this online reduced from €40 to €11.43. I Love it as you can wear it with anything and its so warm and comfy.
heres the link:

Penneys/Primark black box clutch bag reduced to €5

Lots of Make Up in Penneys reduced to only 50cent, great idea for making up Gift Baskets for Christmas

                  Keep Wrapped up and Warm with this cute scarf from Penneys for only €6


So in last months Chic Treat Club box we all received the Purederm Exfoliating Foot Mask.
I only got around to trying mine last week.
How it works is you pop your feet into the specially designed socks and keep them in them for over an hour, make sure you wash your feet the second you take them off.
Over the next week all the dead callus will fall off your feet.
Now you will be picking up dead skin from all your shoes, the bed sheets, carpet etc for a week.
When the shedding finally stopped my feet felt amazing and soft.

The Purederm exfoliating mask is only €3.99 but well worth it if you have very dry flaky broken heels.


I Love Caraderm Products, they are made here in Ireland, you can order online and they take around 3 days to arrive.
My Favourite is the seaweed serum:

Pure seaweed extract helps to soothe many skin discomforts thanks to its calming properties. Kind to skin with eczema, psoriasis, rashes & acne.

This always leaves my skin feeling great, i use it after waxing to soothe the burn. 
Great for underarm wax relief.

Costs around €8 but a little of this goes a long way.

Heres the link:


So i have picked up some cuties to keep my feet happy this winter.
Check out the faux fur sandals from new look, my favourite!!!!

New Look Stone Faux Fur Sandals, Only €29.99 they are also available in black, heres the link to buy:

Cute Flats from Penneys, available nationwide only €13, also available in red

Love these ankle boots i bought the black ones a while back they are so comfy i had to get them in the grey s well only €18 from Penneys Nationwide.

Monday, 10 November 2014

LOVE/ HATE FANS......Tom Vaughan Lawlor Has Spoken Out About Nidge’s Fate


The king is dead. Long live the king.
Though the internet was ablaze with “none in the head, not dead” comments after last night’s explosive Love/Hate season finale, it seems as though King Nidge truly is no more.
Earlier today cast member Laurence Kinlan confirmed that no decision has yet been made on a new season, but even if Stuart Carolan’s creation does return for another run it seems Tom Vaughan Lawlor will not be among the cast.
The actor who brought crime boss Nidge to life has said in a statement today that he is looking forward to new challenges. He also thanked the cast and crew of the show for an “unforgettable journey”.
“The last five years working on Love/Hate have been an incredible and unforgettable journey for me,” Vaughan Lawlor said in a statement.
“I’ve had the privilege of working with a brilliant cast who I’ve learnt a huge amount from, a tireless and talented crew, a visionary director, an amazing group of producers from Octagon and RTE, and in Stuart Carolan a world class writer.”
“I’m hugely grateful to the show and to its fans and I am equally looking forward to the new challenges ahead for me both on screen and stage,” he said.