Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Zara’s New Studio Collection

This is the Amazing new Studio Editorial Collection from Zara,
It might not be to everyone’s taste but I love the quirkier style.
Perfect for summer and bursting full of color.
Just launched and available directly from the Zara Website.

Friday, 23 March 2018

Hair Burst

After giving Birth in August my hair was in an awful state, really dry, brittle and had gone extremely thin.
I tried whatever I could but nothing seemed to work.
I spotted an ad online for Hair Burst chewable hair vitamins and decided to do some research on them.
I couldn’t believe how many new mums were having the same issue as I was having.
The online reviews were good, but they were a bit pricey around €29.99 per box.
Each box contains enough vitamins to last a full month.

So when I spotted them on the Boots website they had a really good offer after Christmas they were doing 3 for two and I got the three boxes for €50, that is the only reason I decided to give them a go.

Here is what’s inside the box.

These are he chewable vitamins

Chew two vitamins only every day.
They do taste really yummy and you will want to chew more but stick to the instructions on the box.

So after the first empty box I did notice some difference in my hair, but not until the first two weeks had passed.
It had started to thicken again and the dull look had started to go away.

After the third box my hair has started getting back to how it was before and during pregnancy.
The condition has improved immensely.

All in they did seem to work for me and do exactly what the box said.
It could just be a coincidence but my hair was literally in bits from August to the start of January until I started taking Hair Burst Vitamins.
I am going to continue to take them and see if another 3 months makes much more of a difference, I will do an updated post on it.

What is in the EuMom Bag

I’m only getting around to posting this now, I recently picked up my Eumom bag from my local SuperValu Store.
Inside it’s packed with the essentials every new mum needs.
The bag is completely free and you sign up on the eumom website they then email you your voucher to print off or simply download it when prompted after sign up then just bring to your local Super Valu to collect your bag.
The EuMom website is really handy to for tips on parenting, and tells you about great deals going on in your local supermarkets.

Here’s the link to the page for more info....

Check out below to see what’s inside....

The Bag itself 

This is everything inside the bag

The Johnsons products include a mini Baby bath and Baby oil and also a full pack of 56 extra sensitive Baby wipes 

Pampers have a sample oc their newborn nappies, these are also the ones supplied by the Hospital while I was there.

Then for the Mums there are some breast pad samples you will need loads of these by the way.
Pregnacare Vitamins.
Iron tablets, I actually needed these after giving birth.

Aqua fresh have included a full size milk teeth toothpaste for children aged 0-2 years

Sudocream have a sample inside it’s really handy for your changing bag

Averno soothing relief cream

The RSA have included a dvd inside, this actually came in really handy it shows you how to correctly fit your baby’s car seat.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

VVBAW18 Collection

Victoria Beckham has revealed her new aw18 Collection.
It is just amazing, I am completely in Love with that Cape.
My favourite piece is the nude sequin dress.
Check out below for a sneak peak....

The whole Collection is available from www.victoriabeckham.com

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Penney’s Swimwear Summer 2018

A quick post to show you some of the amazing Swimwear Penney’s have in Stores at the moment.
I am totally in love with the yellow swimsuit I went straight out and bought it when I spotted it.
Loving the mix of prints and bright colours this year.
They also have some fab flip flops starting from €1 and beach bags in stores.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Oasis Bridesmaid Collection

Getting Married or know someone getting Married????
Oasis have just brought out the most amazing Bridesmaid Dress and Shoe Collection.
From the Lacy Dress to the Pleated Maxi Dress, Oasis have really stepped up their game this year, There is Something for everyone in this Collection....